Ceriotti: Hair Dryer - Super Ultra Light 4500

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Hairdryer ULTRA LIGHT 4200 Ceriotti “UNREACHABLE”. Power beyond all expectations, pretty well keeping a check on its 2.500 you can put this hairdryer at the top of the product range. Weight, air capacity, balance and strength, too are at every best level you can achieve from actual technology. Weight is 460gr. Compact, light, and versatile are usual features of Ceriotti hairdryers of the last generation. ULTRA LIGHT 4200 2 speed , 4 temperature levels and cold shot button. Equipped with new air outlets A6 6cm wide and E7 (extreme brushing) 7cm wide with interlocking and spinning clasp. Removable stainless steel filter on the back.
Name: Ceriotti: Hair Dryer - Super Ultra Light 4500
Code: CER-HD45
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