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Beauty Boutique: Heat Treat Conditioning Cap
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Qty: 1 x 3 pieces
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1 x 3 pieces £38.97
About the Product
Heat-Treat... The revolutionary Hair Conditioning Heat Cap. Simply pop in the Microwave for 2 minutes for the most deepest conditioning your hair would ever have had
One size cap to fit all (black) - Easily slips on and off whether you have short/medium/long hair
Comes with 3x Luxury treatment sachet's so you can use Heat-Treat instantly
Keep cap on while working, cooking, getting ready for a night out, so easily to use when you are just around the house!
The heat from Heat Treat opens up your hair cuticles allowing conditioning treatments to nourish and replace moisture to the inner hair shaft
Name: Beauty Boutique: Heat Treat Conditioning Cap
Code: HT-C
Size: One Size
Qty: 1 x 3 pieces
Price Excludes VAT
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