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Got2b: Glued Spiking Glue (Yellow) MINI 50ml
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Qty: 1 x 12 pieces
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1 x 12 pieces £14.99
The ultimate spike glue, now in travel size!
It's for hair that isn't going nowhere, push through hair to put it in place. Twist tips into stand-up straight spikes or haphazardly distribute all over your hair for that unstructured, messy look!
Name: Got2b: Glued Spiking Glue (Yellow) MINI 50ml
Code: G2B-SGM
Size: 50ml
Qty: 1 x 12pcs
Price Excludes VAT
Use on damp hair.
Squeeze a small amount into palms, rub hands together and distribute evenly throughout hair.
For over the top spikes, apply to fingertips and pull through hair twisting at the tips.
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