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American Dream: Maxi Super 4 in 1 340g
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Chemical free straightening cream most suitable for Afro and European textured hair

Conditions dry and brittle hair caused by chemical processing, sun exposure or excessive use of heated styling tools

Intensely moisturises hair

Leaves hair feeling soft and silky with a healthy shine
Name: American Dream: Maxi Super 4 in 1 340g
Code: AMD-MS
Size: 340g
Qty: 1 x 12pcs
Price Excludes VAT
Maxi 4 in 1 is a rich hair softening cream which can also be used as a chemical free straightening cream. The non-greasy formula conditions hair that is dry or damaged by chemical treatments, heat styling or over-exposure to the sun. It is a leave in conditioner and 1 application will last up to 1 week. Leaves your hair shiny, soft and silky.
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