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Aphrodite: Cordless Turbo Clipper 7200

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The worst thing about cordless clippers is that they're not powerful enough and you end up going back to your corded clipper. What's the point if they aren't as powerful as your corded clippers right?

Well the Aphrodite Cordless Turbo Clipper is just as powerful as a mains clipper and it doesn't stop there, the battery will last all day, even for the busiest barber or hairdresser. The great thing about them is that you can always plug them in and use them just like a corded clipper too - So it's the best of both worlds!

Here's the technical stuff:

3 Hours Run Time on Turbo Speed
High Speed Turbo Button. Hold Button To Lock/Unlock Clipper for Safety.
Light Weight : 260g.
Quick 3 Hour Charge with it's Powerful Lithium Battery
Cordless or Plug in and Use Like a Mains Powered Clipper.
LCD Display with Power Status
Powerful Lithium Battery
Name: Aphrodite: Cordless Turbo Clipper 7200

Code: AF-TC
Qty: 1pc
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What's in the box?

1 Aphrodite Cordless Clipper
1 Charger
4 Attachments 1-4
1 Barber comb
1 Blade Brush
This Cordless Turbo Clipper is one of the best out there today and would be essential for any high class Master Barber or Hair Stylist.
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