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At One: Miracle Creme Conditioner Jar 5.5oz
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Qty: 1 x 12 pieces
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1 x 12 pieces £34.98
Helps Hair Growth by Controlling Breaking and Shedding
Helps Reconstruct Damaged or weakened areas along the hair shaft
Excellent for creating curls and waves.
Name: At One: Miracle Creme Conditioner Jar 5.5oz
Code: AO-MCC
Size: 5.5oz
Qty: 1 x 12, 1 x 6, pieces
Price Excludes VAT
For natural hair, apply a small amount throughout hair daily, especially on the ends. Comb and Style as desired.
For waves, dampen hair, apply creme, brush or tie down.

For curls apply to damp hair, comb and style.
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