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Aphrodite:Professional Standing ATMOS Steamer
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1 x 1 pieces £325.00
The Aphrodite ATMOS salon professional hair steamer is great for using with many different hair types as well as a variety of treatments, ranging from conditioning hair treatment to colour treatment.

- Thermostat Control.
- Timer Control.
- Comes complete with adjustable stand.
- UK 240v Only.
- Durable and powerful.
- Includes stand.
Name: Aphrodite:Professional Standing ATMOS Steamer
Code: AF-PAS
Qty: 1 x 1 piece
Price Excludes VAT
Steaming your hair is a fantastic way to keep your scalp healthy and clean. It also helps with the penetration of conditioners and treatments into your hair.

This steamer has a fast steam up time and is designed for constant use daily in salons and by professionals worldwide. It has a robust build and the stand is height adjustable.
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