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Red One: Aqua Hair Wax 150ml - Red
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1 x 12 pieces £22.98
The Aqua Hair Gelwax is the best combination you can have in your awesome hair. Do you know to know why? The name says it all. It's a combination of wax and gel put in together to give your hair a better look and a long lasting hold.

The Gelwax has a unique fresh and citrus smell, it's water soluble so, it washes off your hair and hands easily.
Name: Red One: Aqua Hair Wax 150ml - Red
Code: RO-WR
Qty: 1 X 12, 1 X 6,
Price Excludes VAT
How to use: apply to dry or damp hair. In order to create the desired shape, for some or all of fingers through hair Apply.
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