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Aphrodite: Table Top Dryer
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Aphrodite - Portable Hood Dryer has a variable combined airflow and heat setting, adjustable height control and is easy to store. This hood hair dryer is excellent for mobile hairdressers and salons that don't have a lot of space and need more hooded hair dryers in their salon. It can sit easily on a flat level table top and fold up easily to put into storage when finished.

1100w motor - The same power as a Professional Salon Hood Hair Dryer.
2 heat and 2 speed settings.
Extra large hood.
Carrying handle.
Single easy-open latch.
Folds for easy storage.
The Aphrodite Portable Hood Hair Dryer comes with UK - 3 Pin Plug and 2 meter cable.

Rated Voltage - 230v
Rated Frequency - 50Hz
Name: Aphrodite: Table Top Drier
Code: AF-TTD
Qty: 1 x 1
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