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Kiss: RK Crème Lipstick - Full Set of Stock (RCLSPPP01)
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Dangerous Orange, Ruby Who, Russian Red, Chilli, Cranberry,Raisin, Wine
Sugar Plum, Mulberry, Fig Tart, Rebellious, Heroine Purple, Grape Purple, Cyber, Galaxy On, Electric Magenta,Wild Orchid, Blushed Rose, Nude Attitude, Chocoholic, Ebony, Black out, golden key, Metallic Orange

Feel the richness of the Super Rich Crème lipstick. A full coverage, hydrating cream lipstick with high color pay off! With a semi-lustrous shine, you will feel like a queen.
Name: Kiss: RK Crème Lipstick - Full Set of Stock (RCLSPPP01)
Size: N/A
Qty: 1 x 24
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