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Geepas: Stay Cool Travel Clipper GTR34C
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Shaving daily, especially when on a trip, is a very inconvenient job from men. You need to carry the entire shaving kit with you including the shaving brush, razor and everything else that you need. It takes time to shave using these tools and it is also a very tedious job. Geepas provides a quick and efficient solution to this shaving problem. The Geepas stay cool electric hair clipper/ trimmer is made especially for people who travel a lot. It reduces the time you require for shaving your hair and also does not cause a mess. You can carry this light weighted gadget anywhere you go and trim unwanted facial hair within a matter of minutes.

Name: Geepas Stay Cool Travel Clipper GTR34C
Code: GP-G34C
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Qty: 1 x 1
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