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Island Beauty: Lipstick - Blackberry Wine (1X12pcs)
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Qty: 1 x 12 pieces
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1 x 12 pieces £17.00
Lustrous Lipstick to pamper lips with moisturisers and vitamins. For Rich, smooth color, Soft-Shine and irresistible lips.

Choice of 35 Colours

Qty: 1 x 12pcs

Code: IB-LBU Burgundy
Code: IB-LBF Blue Flame
Code: IB-LBW Black Wine
Code: IB-LBR Black Raspberry
Code: IB-LBV Black Velvet
Code: IB-LC Cocoa
Code: IB-LBCC Chocolate Chip
Code: IB-LCF Cherry Flame
Code: IB-LCG Crystal Gold
Code: IB-LCR Coffee Royal
Code: IB-LCW Cherry Wine
Code: IB-LDB Deep Bronze
Code: IB-LDC Deep Copper
Code: IB-LF Fuchsia
Code: IB-LGI Grape Icing
Code: IB-LHC Hot Chocolate
Code: IB-LL Lilac
Code: IB-LLB Light Bronze
Code: IB-LLC Light Copper
Code: IB-LMM Metallic Mauve
Code: IB-LN Noir
Code: IB-LP Plum
Code: IB-LPE Peach
Code: IB-LPP Pure Pink
Code: IB-LPR Poppy Red
Code: IB-LPW Passion Wine
Code: IB-LR Ruby
Code: IB-LLR Rose Red
Code: IB-LRS Red Sunset
Code: IB-LSS Summer SOuffle
Code: IB-LT Tangerine
Code: IB-LTR True Red
Code: IB-LVO Violet Orchid
Code: IB-LWC Warm Chocolate
Code: IB-LWR Wild Red
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